ISMA Core-5℠

This is our foundational ISMA Class which incorporates our five core disciplines of breathing, skeletal awareness, balance, energy dynamics, and Labanotation. This class is the pre-requisite for all other ISMA Classes.

Alignment & Breath℠

This class is specifically designed to focus on skeletal awareness and body mechanics while utilizing the support of the breath.

Energy Flow & Balance℠

Energy is the “enlivening” force of lightness in opposition to the downward pull of gravity. In this class, students are able to experience and embrace the flow of energy in their bodies, while also learning how to find their balance. 


We teach our young students to hone their energy, strengthen and condition their bodies, find their balance and coordination, all while becoming more flexible, agile, and disciplined. This is a continuous program that is aligned with the school calendar.

These ISMA classes are the training ground for any situation, if for gymnastics, dance, athletic endeavors, or other activities that require coordination and endurance. The students become aware of their breath, proper skeletal alignment, the flow of their energy, and the use of their imaginations. As an added bonus, the boys and girls learn to read Labanotation (the written language of movement).


Breath awareness and support is the underlying theme being encouraged. This class takes place amongst nature in a botanic park setting. The class is designed to build endurance by using variations in walking patterns and the alternating use of muscles.

Labanotation Basics℠

This class teaches the fundamentals of Labanotation, the written language of movement. The directions in space emanate from a central point – the spatial “center.” This point is called “place,” and is represented by a rectangle.

 Directions are judged from that point. The student will then learn the directions and levels from this starting point. Each subsequent class builds on this foundation.

Studio Rental

Clean Well-lit Studio with Hardwood Floors, Full Length Wall Mirrors, Lots of Natural Light from Large Showcase Windows. 

Available for Private or Small Group Classes, Photoshoot, Meetings, Video creation, etc.

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