The ISMA Studio is currently offering LIVE virtual/online classes. The physical studio is open to the public by appointment only due to precautions taken in light of COVID-19 pandemic.

The ISMA Studio is currently offering virtual/online classes for all ages. The physical studio is open to the public by appointment only due to precautions taken in light of COVID-19 pandemic.

Morning Warm-Up

(live virtual)

6 yrs – 96 yrs, 30 min

Warm-up to your day with rejuvenating cellular breaths and invigorating stretches. This ISMA class will help you ease your mind and body into a day full of energy, activities, and decision making.

Find your balance and rhythm first thing in the morning.

2020 - 2021 Children's School Session

(live virtual)

school-aged children 6 yrs & up, 55 min

We teach our students to hone their energy, strengthen and condition their bodies, find their balance and coordination, all while becoming more flexible, agile, and disciplined. This is a continuous program that is aligned with the school calendar.

These ISMA classes are the training ground for any situation, if for gymnastics, dance, athletic endeavors, or other activities that require coordination and endurance. The students become aware of their breath, proper skeletal alignment, the flow of their energy, and the use of their imaginations. As an added bonus, the boys and girls learn to read Labanotation (the written language of movement).

We offer these classes at Level 1, Level 2, and Intermediate 3. All NEW students begin on Level 1 in order to master the basics of movement safety, class routines, and application of the foundational ISMA Core-5 disciplines. Progression to the next levels primarily depends on the students application of what they are learning. Periodic assessments are placed on the schedule approximately every 9 weeks to give your children a chance to LEVEL UP, however it is possible they level up at a faster pace.

Private Classes

(live virtual or in studio)

 adults, children, and special needs, 60 min

In these one-on-one ISMA classes, students get the opportunity to work on their particular fitness goals and needs. Designed to increase flexibility, muscle toning, core strengthening, endurance, and coordination, students experience themselves as the wonderful movement instruments they are. 

ISMA’s core five disciplines of breathing, skeletal awareness, balance, energy dynamics, and Labanotation are incorporated into the classes. 

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