The mission of Integrity of Self MovementArts® is to assist individuals in finding their place of alignment, balance, and wellness through total body awareness.

Integrity of Self MovementArts® (ISMA) is a system of movement education designed to encourage awareness, appreciation, and utilization of the individual as a movement instrument. In some cases, it is a re-examination of how we move, which enables us to train or re-train our bodies to adopt more efficient movement habits.

Integrity of Self MovementArts® incorporates five core disciplines in each class: The Breath, Skeletal Awareness, Energy Dynamics, Balance, and Labanotation.

ISMA examines the functionality of the human anatomy and adheres to the integrity of the skeletal and muscular structure of the body; implements effective breathing; explores energy dynamics; establishes balance; and uses Labanotation, the language for understanding, observing, analyzing and notating movement. This allows for a better understanding of HOW we are moving in SPACE and TIME.

Integrity of Self MovementArts® empowers you to become more appreciative of YOU.

It is Truly a Program For Anyone with a BODY.

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