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Integrity of Self MovementArts® Sessions  are “For Anyone with a Body”

Integrity of Self MovementArts® Empowers you to become more Appreciative of YOU.

ISMA Private Classes are 1-hour sessions: Incorporates Anatomy, Breath, Energy Flow, Balance, and Labanotation and is specially designed and geared to the needs of the individual.

Flexible weekday, weekend, and evening classes can be arranged and scheduled.


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GROUP-PRIVATE CLASS [3+ persons at $50 per person]
$50 Deposit to Reserve


SEMI-PRIVATE CLASS [2 persons at $60  per person]
$60 Deposit to Reserve 


PRIVATE CLASS [1 person at $65 ]
$65 Payment to Reserve


Anatomy & Breath℠

This class is specifically designed to utilize the support of the breath, while focusing on body mechanics and skeletal awareness.


Energy Flow & Balance℠

Energy is the “enlivening” force of lightness in opposition to the downward pull of gravity. In this class students are able to experience and embrace the flow of energy in their bodies, while also learning how to find their balance.


Dynamic Walk℠

Breath awareness and support is the underlying theme being encouraged. This class takes place amongst nature in a botanic park setting. The class is designed to build endurance by using variations in walking patterns and the alternating use of muscles.


Labanotation Basics℠

This class teaches the fundamentals of Labanotation, the language of movement. The first symbol taught is the “Place” symbol, which represents no direction. In Labanotation, the idea of “Place” for the support is directly related to the center of gravity of the mover. The student will then learn the directions and levels from this starting point. Each subsequent class builds on this foundation.


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