Japan Experienced ISMA – 2016

More Than 350 Students in Japan Experienced ISMA

Integrity Of Self MovementArts (ISMA) had a great trip and a successful 2nd annual teaching in Japan.  This year in addition to teaching at the Wakayama Top Wellness Center as we did last year; ISMA expanded it’s teaching to include classes at two elementary schools, Nagata Sho Gakko and Nakagishi Sho Gakko; and at Hiyori Studio/Cafe.

ClassGroupShot copy

Master June Idrissa and Derrick D’Mojah Sensei  with Nagata Sho Gakko students after their ISMA Class.


Nagata Sho Gakko students performing a side lunge in their ISMA Class.

ISMA’s first classes this year were a private adult group class, and a private solo class conducted at the Hiyori Studio/Cafe. A versatile venue that accommodates small group classes and converts to a cafe during particular hours of the day.

Next was a series of six ISMA Classes. Two classes were taught at Nagata Elementary School, one for the 5th graders and a second for the 6th graders.  Four classes were taught at Nakagishi Elementary School for the 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 6th graders.  The 3rd graders were away on a school trip the day of the ISMA Classes.   All of the ISMA Classes at the elementary schools were taught by Master June Idrissa and Derrick D’Mojah Sensei, who is also the English teacher of the 5th and 6th graders.  Teachers and administrators at the schools also participated and assisted in the ISMA Classes.


Nakagishi Sho Gakko students going downward in a Spine Roll.

June, Ayako and her Students who took my class

Master June Idrissa with Ayako Fukunaga Sensei and three young students after their ISMA Class.


Master June Idrissa pointing the feet of a student while she is nicely balancing on her pelvis.

The final series of ISMA Classes took place at Wakayama Top Wellness Center.  They included a children’s class and three adult classes.  Ayako Fukunaga, ballerina, translated and assisted.

ISMA thoroughly enjoyed this 2nd year of teaching in Japan, and is very pleased to have reached over 300 elementary school students. ISMA is looking forward to it’s 3rd Annual Teaching in Japan in 2016.


The ISMA extended family having lunch at a Jamaican restaurant in Japan.

SenseiGlassMaking copy

Master June Idrissa took some time off to make a glass at the Kirameki Glass Factory.

Author: June Idrissa

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