Juniors Classes

Serving Middle & High School Aged

Children are natural athletes. ISMA Classes reinforces this while improving their attention span, memory, and learning. This class encourages students to efficiently use their bodies, as they grow into themselves. Using elements of yoga, dance, Pilates, gymnastics and martial arts, the students become aware of their breath, proper skeletal alignment, the flow of their energy, and the use of their imaginations. The students also learn to read Labanotation, the written language of movement. 21307796 - portrait of a cute teenage black boy jumping over white background - african people

Each student start where they are and progress at their own pace, developing their confidence as they develop their skills.

The ISMA program consists of a finale demonstration, where family and friends are invited to observe the in-action class progress of their loved ones.

Fall ISMA Juniors Session.

The session runs from September 11, 2017 – December 17, 2017

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